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The RV5 Stock Portfolio Trading System

Rule trading the stock market: A systematic method for investing in the stock market.

The RV5 Stock Portfolio Trading System for TradeStation

Rule the stock market with the system that decisively tells you what stocks to buy, when to buy them, how much to pay for them and when to sell them. No second guessing what to do. This rules based system is easy to learn, easy to use and takes very little of your time.

You don’t need to watch the stock market all day, the RV5 will do that and automatically produce a list of stocks for you to buy the next day. With the semi-automated order placement program we give you it takes just seconds to place all your orders!

Features of the RV5 Trading System

  • The RV5 is a long only system, meaning it directs you to buy first and sell later to exit positions
  • All order details are calculated for you
  • Orders are entered in between trading sessions, either at night or the morning before the market opens, your choice
  • All trading rules revealed
We offer a performance based money back guarantee. If the system is not profitable you are entitled to a full refund. See PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE below for details.


Our Research

We rigorously tested the RV5 on a well maintained historical database of over 26,000 stocks, including delisted stocks. Our development and testing methods include historical testing and live trading. By cycling through live trading and historical testing we verified that live trades become part of the historical trade record of the model portfolio used for performance development.


Interested parties may CONTACT us for more information including performance results.

The RV5 can be purchased alone or with the SE5 system.

The RV5 and SE5 come with TradeStation workspace pre-configured with all indicators in charts and RadarScreens and user manuals that explain in detail how the systems work and how to run them.



This system is backed by our performance guarantee. The performance of the system is guaranteed to have returned a profit for trades generated in the timespan of six months from the time of purchase. If at the conclusion of six months of trading from the time of purchase this system is not profitable you qualify for a full refund. It’s not necessary to trade with real money to qualify. Just email us your list of order executions including time and price before seven months from time of purchase. If we do not receive this request after seven months ends you will receive the source code version of the system. You may, at your option by emailing us, waive the remainder of the guarantee period at which time you will receive the source code version immediately.