Volume Vector

Automatic Volume Profile of Price Swings


Volume Vectors Indicator for NinjaTrader® (NT8)

The Volume Vector Indicator Data Sheet

  • Automatically Renders Volume Profiles of Price Action Swings
  • Highlights high and low volume areas within each swing
  • Options to control swing detection and rendering

Screen shots of the E-mini S&P 500 and Crude Oil fuures:
ES Volume Bar with 100% opacity

Volume Vector Indicator for NinjaTrader

ES Saturation with 50% Opacity

Volume Vector Indicator for NinjaTrader®


You can turn down the opacity make the divergence between high and low volume areas more striking.  

E-Mini S&P 500 Futures Contract

Volume Vector Indicator for NinjaTrader



Crude Oil Contract, Volume Bar

Volume Vector Indicator for NinjaTrader





Market Profiles of fixed time periods, such as an entire day, are useful but as the day progresses much of the volume contained in them is for trades that have already been unwound.  Because of this, as the trading day moves along, the profile becomes “polluted”.

Some market profile indicators on the market allow you to manually select regions to profile. I think these are great tools but I found in practice that I was always highlighting and comparing the profiles of swings.  I wanted something to do that automatically for me

How do I use Volume Vector?

I found that price action tends to move from one high volume node to another.  I trade these ping pong like bounces between them.

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Volume Vector Indicator for  NinjaTrader®

The Volume Vector Indicator for NinjaTrader automatically renders volume profiles of price action swings.

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