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VMX Automatic Day Trading System for NinjaTrader®
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The ATS VMX Trading System – High Performance Fully Automated Day Trading NQ, MNQ, ES and MES

The VMX selects a highly profitable time of day to trade during the cash session for stock index futures.  This system takes advantage of the volatility created by big institutions moving asset allocations in the equity markets.

Unique characteristics of the VMX Trading System

  • Specializes in day trading NQ, MNQ, ES and MES stock index futures contracts
  • Trades high volume times of the day when institutions are moving money in the stock market
  • Exits all positions before the cash session close 

Features of the VMX Trading System

  • Fully Automated trading using the provided NinjaTrader® VMX NinjaScript® strategy
  • Easy to use: place the VMX strategy on a chart and enable on your account
  • VMX indicator can be used in real time to let you know if a possible trade is coming up
  • Back testable in NinjaTrader® Strategy Analyzer® and Market Replay®

How it Trades

The VMX waits for bullish or bearish market sentiment to take hold in the cash session and then looks to trade with the first set of market participants who are looking to exit the market.  Price is the most important consideration.

A Trade Example:

VMX Trade Example0

VMX Trade Example

VMX Trade Example

VMX Trade Example

VMX Trade Example

VMX Trade Example

A Trade Example Video:


NinjaTrader® has two ways to backtest: Strategy Analyzer® and Market Replay®. Strategy Analyzer® is great for backtesting long periods of time. Market Replay® is very accurate but takes a long time to backtest and consequently is better for a close up look at shorter periods of time.

Strategy Analyzer® report for trading 2 ES contracts. Performance metrics include commissions and slippage. 

VMX Trading ES

Strategy Analyzer® report for trading 2 NQ contracts. Performance metrics include commissions and slippage. 

VMX Trading NQ

Small Accounts

Small accounts can trade the micro sized contracts.  Strategy Analyzer® results trading 2 MES contracts. Results include commission and slippage.


Below see results trading 2 MNQ contracts. Results include commission and slippage.



The performance data presented assumes that the system continues to trade one (and sometimes two) contract(s) the entire time even though there's enough equity built over time to trade more contracts. Instead of always using the same number of contracts we can take advantage of account growth by allocating more contracts to trades.  This greatly enhances the overall returns. The VMX has settings that help you understand the effect of adding more contracts.

Special Opportunity Trades

We'll also show you a special time to trade that has shown to offer exceptionally high success rates.  Armed with this high confidence trade we simulate adding 1 micro contract for every $2,000 equity returns. The simulation starts with 2 contracts per trade and ends up trading 13 contracts by the end.

VMX 2 MNQ contracts special opportunity trade. Commission and slippage included.

Special Equity Returns

Special Equity Returns

The VMX comes with settings to preset the special time to trade so you don't have to turn the system on and off in order to capture it.

Portfolio System

The VMX can be combined with other systems to create a portfolio system. 

VMX Portfolio System Cumulative Profit

Here we see the results from a Market Replay® run trading the VMX trading two MNQ and two MES along with the VRX Day Trading System and the VX9 Night and Day Trading System* set to trade two MNQ contracts creating a portfolio comprised of four separate systems.

* VX9 trading with a template provided with the VX9

VMX Runtime Settings

The VMX indicators and strategies offer customizations that affect visualization as well as actual trading. The trading customization let you decide:

  • The days of the week to trade
  • Time of day to start and stop trading
  • Number of contracts to trade long or short
  • Stop Loss, Trailing Stop Loss and ability to set the levels

Stop Loss and Trailing Stop Loss

The VMX strategy uses the NinjaTrader provided order management system for submitting and managing stop loss orders. 

VMX Short Stop order

Here we see the Trailng Stop order price has followed this short trade as it progressed.  

VMX Short stop order filled

The stop order is flled when the market reverses, but still it's a winning trade.

Strategy Analyzer®and Market Replay®

All customization choices affect performance metrics. You can see the effect of your choices by running the VMX in the Strategy Analyzer® or Market Replay®.

What's in the Box?

You will receive the system via email approximately one business day after purchase. 

The email will go to the one associated with your PayPal account unless you ask for delivery elsewhere. Check your SPAM or JUNK mail folder.

You’ll receive several artifacts of the VMX Trading System:

  1. NinjaTrader® import file that contains the VMX Trading System. This can be imported into NinjaTrader® using the File | Utilities | Import NinjaScript utility within NinjaTrader®. Once imported you’ll be able to run the VMX.
  2. PDF file containing a manual that explains how to install and use the VMX trading system in detail.

And that's not all. For a limited time you'll also receive the VRX Day Trading System for a very low price. The VRX system is not a derivative of the VMX system, rather it is a completely different system with it's own unqiue trading rules. 

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VMX Trading System and Indicator Set for NinjaTrader®
The VMX trading system automatically finds trading opportunities in NASDAQ 100 and S&P 500 futures market accessible in NinjaTrader. Fully automated system automatically execute trades.
Available for immediate online delivery from: AutomaticTradingSignals.com
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