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High Performance Fully Automated Night and Day Trading NQ and MNQ for NinjaTrader®
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The ATS VX9 Trading System – High Performance Fully Automated Night and Day Trading NQ and MNQ

The VX9 wakes up before sunrise and finds the best trading opportunities in the morning twilight. Built from scratch to be a true day trading system, the VX9 offers simplicity and performance.

Unique characteristics of the VX9 Trading System

  • Specializes in night and day trading the NQ and MNQ stock index futures contracts
  • Gets positioned early, well before the cash market
  • Utilizes price action trend multiple ways depending on market conditions
  • Executes small and medium sized trades as well as capturing the big move of the day
  • Avoids trading during dangerous time spans that occur daily and weekly

Features of the VX9 Trading System

  • Fully Automated trading using the provided NinjaTrader® VX9 NinjaScript® strategy
  • Easy to use: place the VX9 strategy on a one minute chart and enable on your account
  • VX9 indicator can be used in real time to let you know if a possible trade is coming up
  • Back testable in NinjaTrader® Strategy Analyzer® and Market Replay®

How it Trades

The VX9 looks for strong trend conditions to develop and will either take a position in the direction of the trend or will take a position against the trend if price has moved overly sharply in the trend direction.

A short counter trend trade example

 VX9 trade example slide1


VX9 trade example slide2

VX9 trade example slide3



Ideal Trading Day 


No tricks - Performance metrics include commissions and slippage. Trades frequently. In a 7 year historical analysis the system generated over 4,000 trades for an average of 3 trades per trading day.

VX9 Equity Returns

NinjaTrader® has two ways to backtest: Strategy Analyzer® and Market Replay®. Strategy Analyzer® is great for backtesting long periods of time. Market Replay® is very accurate but takes a long time to backtest and consequently is better for a close up look at shorter periods of time. Here's how the VX9 strategy performs in Market Replay® trading the E-mini Nasdaq-100 index futures contract. Results are for trading each contract for the full 3 months of their lives.
One, sometimes two contracts per trade. Commissions and slippage included.

VX9 MR Results
 VX9 MR Results

The micro e-mini Nasdaq-100:

VX9 trades the MNQ


The performance data presented assumes that the system continues to trade one (and sometimes two) contract(s) the entire time even though there's enough equity built over time to trade more contracts. Instead of always using the same number of contracts we can take advantage of account growth by allocating more contracts to trades.

How many contracts should we add for growth?

As the index increases the risk of holding contracts increases. A 1% correction in the calendar year 2010 would be 1% of a NASDAQ index valued at 2,000, 20 points at $20 a point which translates to $400 for the NQ. But in the year 2021 a 1% move in the NASDAQ index valued at 15,000 is 150 points at $20 a point which translates to $3,000 for the NQ. Because of this we would not want to add contracts for a fixed increase of equity gained. A 1% move in 2010 would have been $400 and in 2021 its $3,000.  We also want to take into consideration the value of the index when considering how many contracts to add so that we avoid over allocating the account. This formula is more conservative in adding contracts to the progression as it respects this risk.

This simulation is designed to take the price of the index into consideration when using equity build up to determine additional contracts.

VX9 compounded results include slippage and deduction for NinjaTrader Brokerage® commission

VX9 Trading System compounded performance

VX9 Equity Compounded

Small Accounts

Small accounts can trade the MNQ (the micro E-mini Nasdaq) using the VX9.  Below we see results trading 1 sometimes 2 MNQ contracts. Slippage and commission included.

VX9 MNQ Equity Returns

The best way to grow a small account is by reinvesting the gains back into the system.  In the example below the system started with a single MNQ contract per trade and added a MNQ contract for every $5,000 of equity the system returned in profits.  For the drawdown periods, the number of contracts traded is drawn down with it.  Trading beginning May 2019, when the MNQ was introduced. Slippage and commission included.

VX9 on MNQ Compounding

The VX9 has 2 possible entries, but in the example above we set the 2nd entry to zero contracts and never take the 2nd, even better, trade entry. 

Monthly Income

The VX9 can be run in a conservative mode that focuses on monthly returns.  In these examples we'll continue to use the micro contract, the MNQ contract that specifies a $2 point value.
Here we see the AtsVX9 setup with a monthly PnL template (VX9_MNQ_MPnL2.xml included) trading "5 plus 5" MNQ contracts. 5 contracts for entry 1, and 5 for entry 2. Slippage and commission included.

MPnL 5+5:

VX9 Monthly Returns

The AtsVX9_MNQ_MPnLID template (included) is a more aggressive version that goes for more trades... and gets more profit while still returning a profit every month.
MPnLID 5+5.  Slippage and commission included.

VX9 Monthly Returns Equity

Another way to go is start trading with 5 MNQ contracts and add a contract when the equity grows by an amount equal to 15% of the current contract price. For example, if the contract is trading at 10,000 then when we gain $1,500 in equity we add a contract. 
AtsVX9_MNQ_MPnLID: 5 contracts. Compound progressively at 15%: Slippage and commission included.

MPnLID Compounded

There's no minimum contract requirement. You can trade as few as one contract.


VX9 Runtime Settings

The VX9 indicators and strategies offer customizations that affect visualization as well as actual trading.

The trading customization let you decide:

  • The days of the week to trade
  • Time of day to start and stop trading
  • Number of contracts to trade long or short
  • NinjaTrader Stop Loss or Trailing Stop Loss
  • Daily and Weekly Profit Target - stops trading when reached
  • Daily and Weekly Loss Limit - stops trading when reached

VX9 Swing Analysis

Price action swing analysis enables the VX9 to find optimal stop loss and price targets. Stop and target features:

  • Price Action Swing analysis or price move percentage
  • Stop Loss based on swings or price move percentage
  • Target based on swings or price move percentage
  • Trailing Target
  • Trailing Stop loss

Settings in the VX9 allow you to customize how it's features work. Many combinations are possible.

Strategy Analyzer®and Market Replay®

All customization choices affect performance metrics. You can see the effect of your choices by running the VX9 in the Strategy Analyzer® or Market Replay®.

What's in the Box?

You will receive the system via email approximately one business day after purchase. 

The email will go to the one associated with your PayPal account unless you ask for delivery elsewhere. Check your SPAM or JUNK mail folder.

You’ll receive several artifacts of the VX9 Trading System:

  1. NinjaTrader® import file that contains the VX9 Trading System. This can be imported into NinjaTrader® using the File | Utilities | Import NinjaScript utility within NinjaTrader®. Once imported you’ll be able to run the VX9.
  2. PDF file containing a manual that explains how to install and use the VX9 trading system in detail.

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VX9 Trading System and Indicator Set for NinjaTrader®
The VX9 trading system automatically finds trading opportunities in NASDAQ 100 futures market accessible in NinjaTrader. Fully automated system automatically execute trades.
Available for immediate online delivery from: AutomaticTradingSignals.com
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