The RD3 Trading System and Indicator Set for TradeStation®

Automated trading for the S&P 500, indices, ETFs and stocks. Discretionary trading indicators. The RD3 uses a two stage system for identifying profitable swing trading opportunities. Own it with rules.
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Trade the S&P 500

This systematic approach to trading eliminates all the painful guesswork and hesitation that comes with discretionary trading.

Features of the RD3 Trading System

  • Fully Automated Trading with TradeStation® strategies
  • Swing Trading
  • Trade Futures, ETFs and Stocks
  • Integrates with RadarScreen® to find great trade setups
  • Clear and Easy to follow signals with TradeStation® signaling indicators
  • TradeStation® Alerts
  • Preconfigured TradeStation® workspaces for fast setup
  • Chart and RadarScreen® indicators

RD3 Chart

Clear and Easy to follow signals are provided by the RD3 signaling indicator. You’ll quickly know when to enter a trade, in which direction and when to exit. No complicated over-engineered visuals to confuse and distract you from the price action.

RD3 RadarScreen 

Easily monitor all your RD3 positions in the provided RD3 RadarScreen® indicator.

The RD3 for TradeStation includes setups for stocks and futures primarily on the daily time frame. 

Trade the e-mini S&P 500 futures contract. 

RD3 Performance 

RD3 Equity

Use TradeStation automation to automatically trade on your charts.  Results shown INCLUDE commission and slippage.


The performance data presented assumes that the system continues to trade one (and sometimes two) contract(s) the entire time even though there's enough equity built over time to trade more contracts. Instead of always using the same number of contracts we can take advantage of account growth by allocating more contracts to trades.

How many contracts should we add for growth?

As the index increases the risk of holding contracts increases. A 1% correction in 2005 would be 1% of an index valued at 1,200, 12 points which translates to $600 for the e-mini. But in the year 2020 a 1% move in an index valued at 3,000 is 30 points or $1,500 for the e-mini. Because of this we would not want to add contracts for a fixed increase of equity gained. We also want to take into consideration the value of the index. 

This simulation is designed to take the price of the index into consideration when using equity build up to determine additional contracts.

RD3 Compounded Performance

 Results shown INCLUDE commission and slippage.

Trade the SPY ETF

Compounding is even more effective when trading an stock or an ETF such as the SPY. With equities we're able to allocate all of the returns from a previous trade into the following trade without waiting. Unlike futures where we need to wait for enough margin to build up to commit additional contracts, with equities we just add the number of shares we can afford to buy with all the capital that the system returned.  


Trade Stocks

Effective setup for trading stocks.



















All examples using the same setup trading long only. 

RD3 Editions (All editions are included in this offer )

Trader – Fully functional. Provides all trade signals and setups. You won’t miss a trade with the Trader Edition.

  • RD3 signaling indicator
  • RD3 strategy with full automation
  • RD3 RadarScreen® indicator for tracking multiple markets at the same time
  • Fully configured workspaces, chart and Market Analyzer® templates
  • Backtest ready so you can see how well each version works on markets you’re interested in
  • User manual explains everything you want to know

Professional - Everything in the Trader edition plus:

  • All indicator and strategy trading rules
  • Full exposure of additional parameters that control the algo logic
  • More backtesting optimization possiblities
  • 3 additional indicators: RD3 Bands, RD3 Oscillator and RD3 Cross. The logic of these indicators is used internally by the RD3 signaling indicator. Using these you will see the conditions of the trading rules unfold on your screen.

All the packaged versions of the RD3 system include the following features

  • RD3 Core – most reliable trades for stock indexes
  • RD3 HP – signal even more trades for stock indexes without giving up too much reliability
  • RD3 Target – an alternative way to exit with target price and stop market orders
  • RD3 Stock – setup for most S&P 500 stocks or even any stock
  • RD3 240 night swing system

What’s in the Box?

You’ll receive the system via email approximately one business day after purchase. The email will go to the one associated with your PayPal account unless you ask for delivery elsewhere. Check your SPAM or JUNK mail folder. You’ll receive several artifacts of the RD3 trading system product:

    1. PDF file containing a manual that explains the RD3 trading system in detail including the trading rules.
    2. TradeStation import file that contains the RD3 trading system. This can be imported into TradeStation® using the File | Import/Export EasyLanguage® utility within TradeStation. Once imported you’ll be able to run the RD3 system.

Continued Support and Updates for a Minimum of 12 Months

We continue to maintain the products you buy from us after your purchase. You’ll get full support and updates for at least one year after purchase. If you have any problems or require any additional information you can contact us for assistance.

Don’t hesitate to contact us questions about any of our products.

RD3 Trading System and Indicator Set for TradeStation®
The RD3 trading system automatically finds trading opportunities in any market that’s accessible in TradeStation, including Stocks, ETFs and Futures. Buy and Sell signals are clearly and precisely identified. The system can be set to automatically execute trades or simply signal you when a trading opportunity exists.
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