VX9 Trading Dec 10, 2021. $2,452.24

VX9 Night and Day Trading System for NinjaTrader®

VX9 Trading Dec 10, 2021. $2,452.24

Another choppy day, another gain: $2,452.24.  I think the coppiness is due in part to the upcoming contract expiration for stock index futures next week. Yesterday was "rollover" day - the day that most traders begin exiting positions in the expiring contract and taking new positions in the new contract. The VX9 has been handling the market well. In the last 6 trading days there was one losing trade for $43. All other trades were closed with gains. $12,606 gain in 6 days trading one sometimes two NQ contracts. 

VX9 week 2021-12-10

VX9 Chart 2021-12-10


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